Dental Bonding

If you have a tooth that’s chipped, cracked, or uneven, dental bonding might be right for you. Dental bonding is a treatment when your dentist shapes a type of resin over your tooth to conceal imperfections and even out your smile. This process can be easily completed in-house at our Georgetown, TX dental office.

There are many benefits to dental bonding, including:

  • Dental bonding is more affordable than veneers.
  • This treatment can last up to a decade with proper care.
  • It can be used to fill in gaps and create a more even appearance.
  • A completely natural appearance.
  • Bonding doesn’t require you to remove as much enamel as veneers do.
  • The entire procedure can be completed in just one office visit.

Dental bonding is a much simpler and less invasive procedure than porcelain veneers, although they don’t last as long. First, your dentist will color-match the resin to the rest of your teeth for a natural look. An etching solution will be applied to the tooth in question to give the resin something to stick to. Then, your dentist will apply the resin over your tooth and mold it into the best shape for your mouth.

The resin will take a few minutes to cure, and after that, you should be able to use your tooth as normal. The entire procedure is quick, easy, and requires no anesthetic. You should exercise caution when using your bonded tooth for biting or chewing hard foods, as the resin is not as strong as your tooth’s natural enamel. However, if the dental bond breaks it can be easily repaired in our Georgetown office.

If you have uneven teeth that you would like repaired with dental bonding,  like to talk to your dentist about dental bonding, give our Georgetown, TX office a call today!

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