Dental Bone Grafting

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Dental Bone Loss Restoration

Sometimes, due to issues such as injury, tooth loss, or other trauma, your jawbone may sustain damage or erosion. This can be restored through a dental bone graft. While bone grafting sounds like an intense procedure, modern dental technology has made it easier than ever. Renken Dentistry completes dental bone grafting in-house at our Georgetown, TX office.

Bone Graft for Dental Implants

If you have lost a tooth, bone grafts might be required because without stimulus from your tooth’s root, your jawbone gradually wears down. This can change the shape of your face, lead to issues with the rest of your teeth, and can make it difficult to get dental implants if you’d like to replace the missing tooth. It’s very common to require a bone graft before dental implants can be inserted. The implant itself will replace the root of your tooth and stimulate the bone so that it won’t erode again.

While in the past bone grafting required dentists to harvest bone from other areas of the patient’s body, this is no longer the case. We typically use xenografts for our bone grafting procedures, which is a bone that has been sterilized and processed from animal bone. Bovine material is common for these procedures as it’s very compatible with the body’s natural tissue. Your body will eventually absorb the bone and replace it by growing new bone naturally.

After the bone grafting procedure, you may need to return to our Georgetown office in a few weeks for a follow-up appointment. This will give your dentist the opportunity to examine the grafting site and make sure you’re healing properly.

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