Dentist for Children

Renken Dentistry is proud to be a dental office for the whole family. If you’re looking for a dentist for children in Georgetown, TX, we are the practice for you. We know that going to the dentist can be a scary experience for kids. Our practice excels at making the dentist a fun, stress-free experience rather than something to dread.

Renken Dentistry has the best dentists for children Georgetown, TX has to offer. Kids can be easily scared by hearing stories about the dentist or seeing the way dentists are portrayed in TV and movies. Because of this, it’s important to go to a dentist that’s trained to work with young patients. Our caring and compassionate dentists will show your kids that dental care is nothing to fear!

Our staff avoids using scary-sounding words like “drill” to describe our dental procedures around children. We do our best to educate your child on how to properly care for their teeth while still making the experience fun and engaging for them. Not only do we ensure they receive top-quality dental care in our office, we try to instill good dental hygiene habits so they can continue a good oral health routine at home. We emphasize the importance of dentistry for kids so that children grow up without a fear of the dentist, with a solid foundation of oral hygiene habits, and healthy teeth!

Have you scheduled an appointment with our dentist for children in Georgetown, TX? You can expect to accompany your child back into our office during their visits to comfort them as well as to stay informed about your child’s dental health. During your child’s appointment, the dentist will clean his or her teeth and check for any potential issues. Your child may need to have x-rays taken depending on what the dentist sees during the checkup. Our friendly staff will make sure the appointment goes as smoothly as possible and schedule your child’s next appointment for six months out. We want all our patients to have a happy and healthy smile; the best way to achieve that is with regular dental appointments and good oral hygiene habits at home.

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