Dentures Georgetown TX

Looking for a skilled dentist to fit you for dentures near Georgetown TX? Renken Dentistry is the place to go! Our experienced dentists offer both full and partial dentures, as well as implant supported dentures and other options. We’re happy to go over all of these options with you – consultations are complementary. In addition to providing dentures, we also offer a range of other general, advanced, and cosmetic dental procedures, from fillings and crowns to treatment for TMJ/TMD and sleep apnea.

Dentures You Can Feel Confident With

It can be difficult for some patients to adjust to the idea of needing dentures, but as our Georgetown staff can tell you, the latest developments in materials and techniques will leave you with a set of teeth just as natural and comfortable as the teeth you’ve had all your life. Whether your tooth loss is due to age, illness, accident, or other cause, we’ll help you restore your smile to the very best version of itself. Full dentures aren’t always necessary – if most of your teeth are still functional, we can do a set of partial dentures to fill gaps in your smile and maintain the integrity of your bite. Many dentures are fitted in place with a bridge or metal wiring to hold them in place, but another option is implant-supported dentures. These dentures are attached to implants that are surgically placed in the jaw for a more secure fit. The option isn’t for everyone, but some patients choose to go this route. Our dentists would be happy to discuss options to find the right choice for you.

Concerned about your lack of dental insurance? Not a problem. We know some of our patients are on fixed income or don’t have insurance provided by a job or other source. That’s why we offer Health Assurance, our dental care subscription which starts as low as $25 a month for the Basic Plan. This will cover your cleanings and x-rays, as well as give you a significant discount on many other services should you need them. Patients whose mouths need more TLC can opt for a more extensive plan, which covers more while maintaining affordability.

Come see us any time to be fitted for full or partial dentures. Call our Georgetown office today to make an appointment!

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