Dentures Sun City TX

Looking for the best place to be fitted for dentures near Sun City TX? You’ve found it! Renken Dentistry is conveniently located in Georgetown TX, just a short drive from Sun City, and we proudly serve patients in the surrounding areas. You can come see us for a complimentary consultation or to be fitted for full or partial dentures. We offer a wide range of other cosmetic dental procedures as well, including tooth whitening, tooth veneers, tooth implants, and much more.

Quality, Affordable Dental Care

Getting dentures can be a big life change for many of our patients and you can always expect our staff to be professional and compassionate. Whether you’ve lost teeth due to illness, age, or injury, we’ll help you build a care plan that will have you smiling. Thanks to advancements in dental materials and technology, our ability to mimic the color, texture, and sturdiness of natural teeth has never been greater. If you need additional extractions before being fitted for dentures, we can also perform those procedures at our Georgetown office near Sun City. Most often, dentures are placed in the mouth with sealant or wiring that attaches to the remaining teeth. Alternately, patients may opt for implant-supported dentures, which means posts are surgically implanted in the jaw in order to support the dentures. Some patients find this to be a more secure and less irritating option, but it varies person to person. You may only need partial dentures to fill gaps in your smile. Our dentists will be happy to discuss all your options; our goal is to make sure you have a happy and healthy smile.

If you don’t currently have dental insurance, we invite you to look into our Health Assurance dental care subscription for uninsured patients, which starts as low as $25 a month for basic care. Everyone deserves quality dental care and a healthy mouth, so please don’t hesitate to ask!

Come see us anytime to be fitted for full or partial dentures. Call our Georgetown office near Sun City today to make an appointment!

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