Don’t Let Your Child Use Their Teeth as Tools

Don’t Let Your Child Use Their Teeth as Tools

At Renken Dentistry in Georgetown, we believe preventive dentistry is essential to achieving and maintaining optimal health. And, while proper at-home dental care and professional dental treatments are an essential factor, there are some other important parts of maintaining a healthy smile.

Did you know that improperly using your teeth can result in chips, cracks and even fractures? Children often misuse their teeth, and it is important to teach them that it isn’t the best option and can result in dental damage and costly repairs. Wondering what things your child should avoid?

Cutting Things with Their Teeth

When you can’t get something open, it may be tempting to use your teeth. However, your teeth are meant to be a tool for eating, and that is it. Attempting to cut things other than food can place unnecessary stress on your teeth, resulting in chips, cracks and even fractures.

Holding Things with Their Teeth

When you run out of hands, it may seem logical to use your teeth as an extra set. However, this is a very bad idea. Not only can this put additional stress on teeth, one misstep and you could be suffering from some serious facial/oral damage.

Cracking Things with Their Teeth

Another thing children often misuse their teeth for is cracking/breaking things such as hard candy or even nuts. Our teeth, however, are not meant to crush hard objects, and this can often result in chips, cracks or even fractures.

Opening Things with Their Teeth

Although children don’t often have glass drinks, some sodas do come in glass bottles with metal lids. Trying to open these bottles with the teeth can cause extreme damage to the enamel and potentially even break teeth. Plastic bottles/lids also should not be opened with the teeth as they can cause damage too.

Unfortunately for us humans, our teeth aren’t a Swiss army knife. When it comes to children and caring for their smile, it is important to remind them of this. In the event your child does damage their teeth, don’t hesitate to contact our Georgetown children’s dentist office. We’d be happy to evaluate their teeth and determine which treatment may be best for restoring their smile.

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