FYSH School

We invite our littlest patients to attend FYSH School with our experienced and compassionate dental team! What is FYSH School? Find Your Smile Here (FYSH) School began as way to teach children about taking care of their teeth and the dentist. It has become a program beloved by our patients and staff at Renken Dentistry in Georgetown, TX.

We know that many people, young and old, fear the dentist. Movies and pop culture sometimes portray the dental office as a scary place. When kids are unaccustomed to the loud noise of a drill or what will happen when they sit down in the dental chair, they can become nervous. Our goal with FYSH School is to introduce kids to dentistry early, so they grow up not afraid or anxious around the dentist, but ready for their next appointment at our Georgetown, TX office! Regular dental appointments help all patients keep up on their oral health and can catch any potential issues, like cavities or the beginning of gum disease, before they get more serious.

How do we teach kids about dentistry and make it fun? We break down dentistry into age-appropriate knowledge and engaging activities. We go over old wives’ tales or myths kids might have heard about dentists, and explain why they aren’t true. Our friendly staff works to build a knowledge of dentistry services and a solid foundation of dental hygiene to use at home with kids.  This will not only help them with their current teeth, it can prevent painful issues down the road and set them up for a lifetime of good oral health. Even very young children can enjoy learning how to brush or what happens at the dentist’s office — as long as it’s fun!

If you have children, send them to school, FYSH School! Call our Georgetown office at (512) 863-7777 to find out when the next session begins.

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