Zoom! Teeth Whitening

With the advanced treatments available today, there is no need to be embarrassed about the color of your teeth! Are your teeth discolored from drinking coffee, tea, or red wine? Yellow, stained, or discolored teeth can all be fixed with in-house Zoom! Teeth Whitening treatments in our Georgetown, TX office. Finally have the confidence to show your pearly whites off in photos!

Everyone wants a beautiful smile with bright, white teeth. With age, teeth naturally become discolored and faded from everyday use. Fortunately, this is not a permanent condition. There is a fast, affordable, painless, and easy treatment that can restore your teeth. The Zoom! Whitening Treatment has recently seen an enormous upsurge as people realize the effectiveness of treatment and the difference it makes in their smile.  

At Renken Dentistry, our goal is for our patients to have happy and healthy smiles. For many patients, Zoom! Teeth Whitening restores the bright appearance of their teeth and their confidence. They leave our Georgetown, TX office smiling!

Why use Zoom! when there are so many at-home teeth whiteners available? Over-the-counter teeth whitening treatments are not as effective as professional solutions you will receive in a dental office. Only dentists have access to the dynamic and safe teeth whitening solutions that will powerfully lighten your teeth, without causing damage.  That’s why Renken Dentistry brought Zoom! Teeth Whitening to Georgetown, TX. With just a single in-office treatment, patients see incredible results! This professional system can help teeth brighten up to 8 shades lighter in less than an hour. We discuss with each patient their desired results and apply the treatment appropriately. That’s the difference professional teeth whitening makes!

Are you ready for teeth whitening that is fast, affordable, and effective? Then it’s time to call our office at (512) 863-7777 to set up an appointment!

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