Tooth Extraction

Doctor dentist showing patient's teeth

Do you have an extremely damaged or decayed tooth and searching for a tooth extraction around Georgetown, TX? Although our dentists always try to save a tooth if possible, sometimes a tooth must be removed, whether it’s to make room in the mouth, to make space for another dental procedure such as dental implants, or due to extensive damage. Advancements in modern dental technology have made tooth extraction much easier. There is nothing to be afraid of when you rely on the dental professionals at Renken Dentistry for your tooth extraction.

Two types of Tooth Extractions

Simple Tooth Extraction

A simple tooth extraction is a less invasive procedure that occurs when the tooth has already emerged past the gum line. During a simple extraction, a qualified dentist in our Georgetown, TX office will simply grasp the tooth with forceps and remove it using a few other instruments.

Surgical Tooth Extraction

A surgical tooth extraction is a slightly more invasive procedure in which the tooth is still below the gum line or has deep roots, like with wisdom teeth. For a surgical extraction, you may need to be placed under general anesthesia depending on the complexity of the procedure. Your dentist will have to make an incision in the gums to remove the tooth, which may need to be cut into pieces to be removed.

The good news is that both types of extractions are available at Renken Dentistry in our Georgetown, TX office. There’s no need to see a specialist when we can provide general dentistry and teeth extractions in one place.

Once you’ve scheduled your tooth extraction at our Georgetown location, here’s what you need to know. You might not be able to drive yourself home after the anesthesia, so you will need to bring an adult with you to your procedure. Your dentist may first take an x-ray of the area so he or she can see what needs to be done. After that, you’ll be given a type of anesthesia, and the tooth can be removed.

It’s important that you not disturb the area in the days following your procedure, as the wound needs to clot properly. Avoid drinking through straws, brushing too harshly, or eating hard foods to give the area time to heal. Thanks to modern dental technology and the experienced Renken dentists, tooth extractions are nothing to fear and can relieve you of the pain of a decayed tooth or overcrowded jawline. Your Renken dentist will establish a personal oral healthcare plan based on your teeth and goals. To make an appointment for a tooth extraction near you, call our friendly office staff at (512) 863-7777 or make an appointment online today.

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