When is a Dental Extraction Necessary?

When is a Dental Extraction Necessary?

Most dental professionals will agree that tooth extraction is typically the last resort, but many may be unaware of how necessary it can be. In the following article, we will discuss a few reasons that you or someone you may know will need a dental extraction. Read closely and see if you fall under any of these categories, in which case you may have to give your dentist a call!

Dental Extraction for Severe Pain

If you have severe pain or are experiencing a sudden toothache, do not jump to conclusions and assume you may need a dental extraction. Call your dentist as soon as possible; they can schedule an x-ray to pinpoint the exact cause of the pain.

Extensive Decay and Damage?

If you have had the dental filling, and the root canal, your last option may be an extraction. At the point that your tooth decay has gotten so severe that restoring damaged or fractured teeth are impossible, there may be only this one option for you and your dentist.

Issues with the Gums Can Lead to a Dental Extraction

If you suffer from gum disease or an infection that antibiotics cannot seem to remedy, extraction will soon prove itself to be the more effective option. To evade bone loss, an extraction is definitely necessary.

A Dental Extraction Might Prove Necessary Following the Spread of an Infection

If you are suffering from a tooth infection, in order to stop the spread rather quickly, extraction is the best way to stop the infection from spreading right in its tracks.

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